The Fidget Cube

Stress & Anxiety Relief Fidget Cube

The best way to keep yourself away from all the worry is to play with this Stress & Anxiety Relief Fidget Cube! The design of this Fidget Cube is inspired by traditional worry stones, tools used to reduce anxiety when......
Snapmaker: 3D Printing - Laser Engraving - CNC Carving

Snapmaker: 3D Printing – Laser Engraving – CNC Carving

Turn your desktop into a workshop with this all-metal 3d printer: Snapmaker. You can easily do 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving all in one printing gadget. The Snapmaker 3d printer is entirely made of metal, ensuring a high......
Moondrop Fidget Toy

Moondrop Fidget Toy

The Moondrop Fidget Toy is a gravity defying desk toy that imitates the free fall on Mars and Moon. Whether you are a fidgeter, science enthusiast or just love cool gadgets you will enjoy playing around with it. The MOONDROP......