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M.C. Hammie – World’s Most Versatile Hammock

The M.C. Hammie is the World’s Most Versatile Hammock + Shelter + Blanket. Created by Wildish, maker of Outdoorsy Gear for Friends. The M.C. Hammie can be spread out as a big blanket for multiple friends to pile onto, popped......
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Snapmaker: 3D Printing – Laser Engraving – CNC Carving

Turn your desktop into a workshop with this all-metal 3d printer: Snapmaker. You can easily do 3D printing, laser engraving, and CNC carving all in one printing gadget. The Snapmaker 3d printer is entirely made of metal, ensuring a high......
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Rider Tech Wireless LED Signal Light Band

The Rider Tech is the world’s first well-designed road safety LED signal band helmet light that is attached to your helmet or bicycles. It lets the drivers and passers behind you know your intended direction, Left, right or the hazard...
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Moondrop Fidget Toy

The Moondrop Fidget Toy is a gravity defying desk toy that imitates the free fall on Mars and Moon. Whether you are a fidgeter, science enthusiast or just love cool gadgets you will enjoy playing around with it. The MOONDROP......
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Professor Einstein Genius Robot

Learn Science and play brain-teasing games with the world’s first walking, talking, and amazingly expressive Professor Einstein Genius Robot. Professor Einstein Robot is the perfect anytime, anywhere study buddy. He has the most lifel...
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DUO The Ultimate Everyday Ballpoint Pen and Stylus

DUO is a dual function minimalist ultimate everyday ballpoint pen and stylus. With it’s retracting nib, the DUO effortlessly transitions between writing on paper and on touch-screen devices. It is your ultimate companion in everyday t...
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