Pepsi Bottle Safe Stash

Pepsi Bottle Safe Stash
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Hide your cash, jewelry, and other valuables in plain sight in this Pepsi Bottle Safe Stash! Statistically, a burglar will spend just 5 minutes in a home and will go straight to the most obvious places for valuables.

Use the Pepsi Bottle diversion stash safes to keep your valuables safe in plain sight! A burglar certainly won’t check your pantry, garage, laundry cupboard, or even your fridge for expensive valuables.

If anyone sees it, they won’t even think twice about it. The opening of the inner tube in this Pepsi Bottle Safe Stash is 1″ and it is 3.5″ deep. When refilling the top portion with coke or pepsi, please gently shake the bottle to let the carbon dioxide in the pepsi/coke escape from the fluid, be sure the leave the cap open for 15-30 minutes so that the gas will not be trapped inside the top compartment causing pressure build-up which may cause damage to the compartment or leaks.