Range Rover Sx Kids Car

Range Rover Sx Kids Car
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The ultimate Kids ride on Range Rover Sx Kids Car offers some amazing features and looks just like the real thing. With this cool, comfortable,safety and look like a real Range Rover design your baby will enjoy every moment.
-Working led headlights and taillights.
-Parental remote control and many more.
-Radio Control/Battery Operated – Mode Switchable Wheel /Remote controller with 4 channels including Antenna,Forward,Backward,Turn left,Turn right And Power Switch.
– Life like wheels: made of high quality non toxic material and anti skid.
-E mutational Headlight: the headlight is quite bright when the vehicle moves forward,Seat belt, lifelike lights, 2 motors, Opening doors.
-Battery: AC charger and 12v 7 amp battery.
-Dimensions: 47/23/18 inch.
-Weight capacity: 40 lbs.