Audiobots Bluetooth SpeakerBot

Audiobots Bluetooth Powered SpeakerBot
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IMIXID’s Audiobots Bluetooth SpeakerBot 7.0 packs a powerful punch of pleasing portable polyphonic sound in a compact design. It comes with a custom snapback cap or knit beanie that can be updated along with your tunes. Audiobots feature the Bounce Back passive bass radiating subwoofer for an extra- ordinary audio experience, a high fidelity driver and up to 6 hours of Bluetooth wireless playback. Audiobots have a built-in microphone for hands free communications.

Specifications: Amplifier max output power: 3000 mill watts, Channel: mono signal to noise ratio (S/N): ≥ 80dB, Frequency range: 180Hz-20KHz, Distortion THD: ≤ 1% SPEAKER DRIVER, Size: 40mm (inner magnet), Resistance: 4 ohms, Power: 3000 mill watts. POWER rated voltage: 3.7V DC, Battery: LI-POLY, 3.7V/720mA, Duration: 6-8 hours charge voltage: 5V +/- 0.25V. Recharge time: 4 hours BLUETOOTH CLASS II Solution profiles: A2DP V1.2, AVRCP V1.4 range: up to 30 ft./10m.