Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker

Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker
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UFO shaped Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker is a levitation Bluetooth speaker system with Hi-Fi sound. Clean, elegantly designed and easy to use. Enjoy the future sound right now, both indoors and outdoors. When music is playing, the UFO shaped Mars Craft floats elegantly above the base and features an amazing circular lighting system. It will land slowly on the base when it runs out of battery, and starts charging with built-in wireless capabilities. Once charged, it will automatically resume floating. The Mars Levitation Bluetooth Speaker can easily connect with any of your bluetooth device and control the speaker from up to 33 feet away. Pairing two units of Mars will build a 2.1 stereo sound system to enhance your home theater experience. The speaker spans a full 360 degrees, so everyone gets the best sound in the room.