Zebora Portable Solar Charger

Zebora Portable Solar Charger
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The Zebora Portable Solar Charger is equipped with a compact 3W solar panel, supply stable current to protect your device. Two folded panels which could recharge the battery itself under sunshine much faster than the regular solar charger.With a 10000mAH it could charge an iPhone 6 for 4 times from 20%-100% power.

The Zebora solar charger allows you to charge your smart devices when you are enjoying camping, hiking or other great outdoor activities. Widely Compatible Since the output port is USB, it can be used to charge all kinds of tablet, iPad, cellphones, smartphones, iPhone, Samsung, PSP, GPS Units, Digital Camera, Bluetooth Speaker and many other 5V USB-charged electronic devices.

The Build-in Lithium Polymer battery cells are of high working efficiency, anti-explosion, lightweight, compact and reliable. Long lifespan with more than 500 recharging times.