Wood Dinosaur Table Lamp

It’s a playful and creative lamp that can be placed anywhere in your home. It has three different dimming modes, so whether you’re reading or just wanting to light up the entire room, Dino is there for you.

Place him on your nightstand next to your bed, sit him by the side of your desk at work or on an end table in the living room-the possibilities are endless! You’ll have fun with this nifty little dino…it even has mood lighting so it doesn’t matter what color schemes are going on elsewhere in your abode.

Dinosaurs may no longer roam our planet but for now they still rule over lamps! There’s plenty of dinos yet to come.

You know how sometimes you don’t want to put on the TV or music at night but it is still too dark out to sleep? Occasionally, something will scare your spouse when he’s reading in bed? Well, now you can have all of the warm cozy atmosphere with none of the electricity needed. So say goodbye to having headaches from looking for batteries or lugging lamps around! Just tap Dino head and go hands free. Plus everyone knows that three heads are better than one, so now your lamp is multidimensional – perfect for any scenario!

Great nightlight if you’re always sore about turning off the living room light! All worries aside, this little guy isn’t just another boring old table lamp. It does more than look pretty.