VonHaus Blade Stove Fan with USB

VonHaus Blade Stove Fan with USB
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Get more out of your stove oven or wood/ log burner and heat your home the economical way with the VonHaus Blade Stove Fan with USB capability.
No need to turn up the heating or switching on an electric radiator to heat your home up; this manually operated fan generates its own energy and is powered by heat alone – no batteries or electricity required.
The Stove Fan is fitted with a thermoelectric module which serves as a small generator to power the fan’s motor. Kicking into action from a low starting temperature, as soon as the module detects a minimum of 60°C, the fan will circulate warm air around your home. Fast fan speed of 1600rpm max. circulates between 130-150 CFM (cubic feet air/ minute) and automatically adjusts according to the temperature in the room, spinning faster as the temperature rises and slowing down as it drops.