Totem Intelligent Waste and Garbage System

Totem Intelligent Waste & Garbage System
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The Totem Intelligent Waste and Garbage System designed by the British kitchenware design firm Joseph Joseph is a complete waste disposal system. With Totem Intelligent Waste and Garbage System you will no longer need three separate waste containers for garbage, recycling and food waste, the Totem simply combines all of those functions into a single attractive unit. In addition to making sorting waste simpler, the Totem’s vertical design saves space in your kitchen or garage. The Totem’s features include finger-proof coated, premium stainless-steel body with an easy touch-open lid as well as an ergonomic rear handle and rubber wheels for easy maneuvering. It has a built-in odor filter inside the lid to prevent garbage smells from escaping from trash bin, food waste caddy and recycling department. Custom fit linings and replacement filters are available.