Sultan Gaming Table by Geek Chic

Sultan Gaming Table by Geek Chic

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Live your gaming dream with this beautifully crafted Sultan Gaming Table and elevate your geek lifestyle.
The Sultan includes choice of wood (walnut, maple, or cherry), clear finish, 34 3/4″ overall height, choice of configuration, 6-10 player stations, drawers, a special 3 7/8″ game vault depth, white vault floor, acrylic layer, and a suction cup (to lift the acrylic layer).
All Geek Chic tables offer a dropped surface where your games and maps are kept safe, flat, and spill-resistant.
Player Stations:
Sultan player stations each include a flip-down desk, the rail system, and secret drawers. A GM’s station is larger and more involved, and includes extra storage.
6 cup holders.
Built in dice randomizers.