Self Propelled Diving Suit

Self Propelled Diving Suit
via Hammacher Schlemmer

The Self Propelled Diving Suit is just what any deep sea diver, swimming and ocean enthusiast needs! This state of the art diving suit maintains sea level air pressure allowing descents to 1000′ below with 24 sealed and integrated A536 aluminium alloy rotary joints that allow quick movement to your arms and legs. With four 1.6-horsepower thrusters integrated into your suit, you can whizz around under the ocean with vertical, horizontal and rotational movement. Two 150-watt LED lights illuminate under water discoveries with 19,200 lumens and an integrated Imagenex sonar for awareness underwater. To make sure you can communicate underwater, an intercom system allows surface communication on hard wire though a wireless water back up and for additional safety you have a 50-hour life support system (2x oxygen and 1x carbon dioxide scrubbers). Lastly, a 1,250 umbilical connects your suit to surface support crew and power source so you can deep sea dive with remote control thrusters, lights and real-time monitoring of oxygen and cabin pressure. Everything you need to enjoy the aquatic life, explore coral reefs, shipwrecks, and the sea floor…and hopefully find Nemo and Dory!