Rocker Whiskey Glasses

Rocker Whiskey Glasses
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It’s time to spruce up your Bar at home with these Rocker Whiskey Glasses. Uniquely designed by Ashcroft, the design is truly one of a kind. Scotch & Whiskey glasses are meant to be heavy to hold, and these are no different…They are heavy in the hand, a true reflection of their outstanding quality with a solid base and firm rim. Both dishwasher safe and lead free, these breathtaking Whiskey Glasses are made from ultra-clarity glass and come in Ashcroft’s famous red box with the silver crest embossed on the front. It’s time to exude some style with these special scotch glasses. It’s time to invest in a set of beautiful high-grade whiskey glasses that will not only stand the test of time, but really deliver the true taste of your whiskey and scotch!