Ride-on Carry-on Luggage Pushchair Stoller

Ride-on Carry-on Luggage Pushchair Stoller
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Stranded at the airport with the kids and not a seat in sight? Long lines at immigration? Security taking too long? The Ride-on-Carry-on Luggage Pushchair Stroller is a genius invention to ease your travel woes, invented by a flight attendant Mom. Struggling with strollers, luggage and the children will be a thing of the past with the Pushchair stroller that doubles as a ride-on for the kids. It attaches to carry on luggage (18-22”) in seconds, folds flat and fits in all over head bins as well as doubling as a tray table. With a durable and washable fabric, the safe and secure child seat is perfect for travelling with children and makes planning those vacations so much easier.