Retro Camera Toilet Paper Roll Holder

Retro Camera Toilet Paper Roll Holder
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Camera Shape Inspired Toilet Paper Holder Apparently you can’t use the special instant camera to take retro photos, but if you’re a Polaroid fan, the Polaroll toilet paper holder should be able to catch your eyes. The Polaroll is a pretty cool toilet paper holder inspired by Polaroid camera. As we can see from the images, Retro Camera Toilet Paper Roll Holder is shaped as an old-school Polaroid instant camera, and features exquisite details and accurate colors including the lens, viewfinder, shutter button and etc, of course, the special “instant camera” can’t roll out an photo for, but it allows you to get instant paper and adds a 80’s style in your bathroom. It will give you bathroom a 80’s style. Get instant paper! Content: One roll holder Material: ABS Plastic Dimensions: 17.2x15x10 cm.