Pirate Dubloons Coins

Pirate Dubloons Coins
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With these five Pirate Dubloons Coins replicas, you can claim your treasure without ever having to walk the plank.
For centuries, pirates sailed the Seven Seas searching for treasure, risking life and limb to catch even a glimpse of gold. Driven by an insatiable appetite for adventure, these maritime marauders roamed the oceans in rickety ships, forever facing the prospect of death at sea or the fate of the gallows if their luck ran dry. Chasing the promise of plunder to the ends of the earth, many pirates spent their lives searching in vain for fortunes that remained just out of reach. Minted in radiant MerlinGold,® these distinctively shaped coins replicate the design and detail of the original Spanish currency. Packaged with a detailed header card, each set contains three small and two large coins, five total. Find out more – History of the Spanish Doubloon