Phantom Wireless Speaker

Phantom Wireless Speaker
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The Phantom Wireless Speaker is the epitome of power, clarity, preciseness and unlike anything you have ever heard before. Whatever wireless speakers you’re using now, the phantom replaces all of them as the best wireless speaker in the world. We’re talking 0 distortion, 0 saturation, 0 background noise and 4500 watts. Created in France, and protected by over 102 patents, the Phantom takes wireless music into a new era. Made with 12 kilos of high technology, 1.2 tonnes of pressure to seal the Phantom hermetically, and 30 kilos of thrust force behind the lateral woofers all combined into an 11.4kg speaker. Measuring a width of 253mm, height of 255mm and a depth of 343mm, you have a choice of the original stainless steel with white, stainless steel with silver or 22-carat rose gold plated sides with white. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Android with Spotify connect via bluetooth, ethernet or a AV2 home plug, you can use it with a TV, CD-player, Blue-Ray, Video Games… just about anything. It’s time to invest in the future of music with the Phantom!