Paracord Grenade With Integrated Survival Kit

Paracord Grenade With Integrated Survival Kit
via Surf City Paracord

The Paracord Grenade with Integrated Survival Kit is one of the most stylish, yet useful Paracord survival kits on the market, one that will not only start conversations on a hike, but provide assurance should you find yourself in an emergency situation.

The M-550 Pro Paracord Grenade Survival kit includes: 1. Up to 50 ft. 550 Paracord, 2. LED light, 3. Mini pocket knife, 4. Dog Tag Signal Mirror, 5. Ferrocerium fire starting rod, 6. Striker (Strike against the ferro rod to produce hot spark), 7. 30ft fishing line, 8. 4 fish hooks, 9. 4 split shot weights, 10. 2x Bobby pins, 11. 1 Handcuff key, 12. 2x Butterfly sutures, 13. P38 Can opener, 14. Compressed towel tablet, 15. 6x Waterproof matches, 16. 2x Stormproof matches, 17. Jute twine, 18. Needle and thread, 19. Razor Blade, 20. 8′ Military grade trip-wire, 21. Compass (Externally mounted), 22. Aluminum foil, 23. Wire saw, 24. 4x Water purification tablets, 25. 2x Safety pins, 26. Whistle buckle, 27. 2x split rings, 28. 4′ electrical tape.

More items can be asked as upgrades, when placing an order.