Military Style Hydration Backpack

Military Style Hydration Backpack With Bladder
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Whether its Hiking, Mountaineering, Camping, Intense Paint balling, Outdoor Sports, or a dash to the grocery store, you need a Military Style Hydration Backpack to keep you hydrated throughout. With a 2.5litre bladder capacity (the pack- not your bladder), you will have enough volume for any outdoor activity you embark on.
With adjustable shoulder straps, a cap at one end that unscrews to ensure a quick refill, you simply have to pull out the hose, remove the tube cap and nipple, and suck on the water.
You can easily store your water, whether you’re hanging from a mountain cliff or in the valleys of a trek, by unscrewing the tube and packing it away. There is no such thing as Dehydration no matter where you are with this Military Style hydration Pack.