Magnetic Wristband To Hold All Your Nuts & Bolts

Magnetic Wristband
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Have you ever been in a situation where you have lost or misplaced nails, screws or small metal tools, while woodworking, or doing any home improvement DIY jobs? It’s frustrating isn’t it, to look for that small piece of nut or bolt, hidden somewhere under that desk or stuck between the flooring! The MagnoGrip Magnetic Wristband solves that headache and provides a clever solution to the annoying problem of losing your screws, bolts, parts and tools when you need it most!

The MagnoGrip magnetic wristband is embedded with super strong magnets for holding screws, scissors, nails, drill bits, fasteners, wrenches and small tools. It keeps all your tools on your wrist while you work. Finish jobs in less time and with less frustration! This wrist gear has a breathable lightweight design that allows you to wear the magnetic Wristband all day while providing therapeutic relief to the wrist.