LugLoc Luggage Tracking Device

LugLoc Luggage Tracking Device
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Keep track of your bag with this GPS equipped tiny smart tracking gadget from your smartphone and never loose a bag again. The dilemma of Lost Luggage will never happen.
The LugLoc Luggage Tracking Device is a must have for the travelers, whether you’re traveling for business, vacation or an adventure trip on any airline. The LugLoc GPS tracker is your bags best companion.
Unlike the key tile tracker, this LugLoc tracker automatically monitors your bag in real time by connecting to the nearest cell-tower and providing GPS coordinate and alerts on your smartphone.
Simply pack LugLoc in your suitcase or bag with your clothes to trace your Luggage location in real-time.
It’s so smart that it locates your bag through Bluetooth proximity and gives you alerts with sound or vibration when your bag is headed your way at the baggage carousel.