LSTN Ebony Wood Troubadour Headphones

LSTN Ebony Wood Troubadour Headphones
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The LSTN Ebony Wood Troubadour Headphones are for those seeking a classic, timeless experience. Ebony wood is an extremely dense hardwood, which makes for outstanding tonal qualities. Due to the variety in each Ebony woodcut, no two headphones are alike. The plush vegan leather ear pads of the headphones sit perfectly on your ears. They are light enough for all-day use but fit snug enough to isolate outside noise. All Troubadours feature detachable cables with an in-line microphone. Incredible Audio: Natural warm sound performance due to wooden housing of the troubadour headphones. Distinctive stylish and unique wood inlays – Choose from Ebony, Cherry or Beech. Hand-crafted from real, reclaimed exotic woods. For every pair purchased – LSTN helps restore hearing to a child in need around the World. Lightweight and plush components for comfort and nylon mesh cables for durability.