The LapDome Portable Sun Shade Case for Laptops

The LapDome Portable Sun Shade Case for Laptops
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Working on the move just got easier with the LapDome Portable Sun Shade Case for Laptop, Tablets and Cellphones. Made from a super lightweight fabric, the LapDome carrying case pops open and shades your laptop, tablet and smartphones. No more wandering eyes and peekers reading your emails either as it has security, privacy and protection from all the elements and remains easy to use and view your screen. You’re worrying about the wires too right? With a back opening for the cables and a lockable front zipper door, the Lapdog Portable Carrying Case is a neat and handy case that includes a stow bag for safe and long distance travelling. It also quickly converts into a briefcase with the use of a velcro strap and leaves enough room for chargers, wallet, documents…and your lunchbox. Picnic and Work meeting in the Park did you say? I’ll see you there!