KAVU Rope Backpack

KAVU Rope Backpack
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The KAVU Rope Backpack is the perfect companion for your camping trips, treks and adventures. We’re certain Bear Grylls would have a thing or two to say about your nifty use of ropes for the sake of fashion and trekking. The KAVU Rope Backpack is made of 100% cotton with a spin shoulder strap and two front compartments. It’s the perfect backpack to sling across your back, and it sits comfortably on your shoulders with the soft cotton straps across your chest and is still light enough for you to stuff with all your essentials.

With two vertical zip openings at the front you have easy access to reach in for your bits and bobs, and with 1 interior zip pocket for extra security and 2 exterior for further easy access, this really is a convenient everyday bag.

Who said you needed a regular backpack for your treks in the mountain? With over a dozen different colour combinations and patterns you’re spoilt rotten for choice. Pick a favourite! This stylish and sturdy rope backpack IS A MUST HAVE!