iSkelter Slate LapDesk

iSkelter Slate LapDesk
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The iSkelter Slate LapDesk is the essential laptop accessory for anyone who owns a laptop and multiple gadgets! The Slate 2.0 is made from a block of pure, premium bamboo, it’s strong, ultra lightweight, and absorbs heat from your laptop. Designed with air ventilation, curves and a docking station (all chiseled, sanded and polished by hand), the outstanding craftsmanship is impeccable. The smart ventilation design not only cools down the laptop, but the natural bamboo absorbs the rest, keeping your lap safe from heat. No hunching and back problems when using the Isklelter Slate because it’s just like using a desk, but in a more comfortable environment. Hello Sofa! With additional display docks, you can add a mobile phone device as well as tablet so you can work harder and smarte and maybe catch the new Star Trek movie too!