HUD Smart Skin Scanner

DermLite HUD Smart Skin Scanner
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The DermLite HUD Smart Skin Scanner is the latest and greatest tool in the fight against skin cancer. HÜD Smart Skin Scanner is a medical-grade lens that attaches to virtually any smartphone, allowing you to take crystal-clear images of the moles on your skin. It includes a slide-on case that fits on any iPhone 6 or 6S, plus a universal mount compatible with any smartphone up to 3.1″” (78mm) in width. Conveniently, HÜD may be recharged by plugging it right into any standard USB outlet. Connect your HUD to the Derm companion app, available on iOS or Android. The app will educate you on the warning signs of skin cancer so you’ll know what to look out for. The app also stores a detailed archive of your HÜD images. When you want a spot evaluated, send it in to First Derm’s network of board-certified dermatologists for review. The dermatologist will let you know if the mole requires an immediate biopsy, or if it’s in the clear until your next regular checkup.