Hengja The Headphone Desk Hanger

Hengja The Headphone Desk Hanger
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Hengja The Headphone Desk Hanger by Brainwavz is a great way to store your headphones neatly and comfortably. Hengja is a practical headphone desk hanger that is suitable for large or small headphones of almost any weight adding better protection and care to make your headphones last much longer!. Its all metal construction allows the Hengja to be both sturdy and stylish, with no chances of it bending when even the heaviest of headphones are placed on it. No glue, no mess, adjustable design allowing to fit on to desks and tables of different thickness. The Hengja can be placed either horizontally surface (i.e. table top) or can be rotated with a hex key to fit on vertical surfaces such as table leg.