Grobo Smart Indoor Gardening

Grobo Smart Indoor Gardening
via Grobo

The future of indoor home growing just came to light with the Grobo Smart Indoor Gardening System. It’s simple and easy – Plant your seeds in the Grobo, tell the app what you planted, and sit back and relax while your plants grow. From Herbs like basil, oregano and rosemary to vegetables, greens, fruits and medicinal herbs you can Gro like a Pro! The Grobo Smart Indoor Gardening uses optimised LED lights that mimic the sunrise and sunset allowing your plants of choice to grow faster and healthier despite the out door conditions. So if you’re sitting in Alaska and want fresh strawberries, the Grobo Smart Indoor Gardening is just for you or any gardening lover! It’s an amazing indoor planting system that monitors your plants and makes sure they’re watered and fed even when you’re away. It’s really the future of healthy living, healthy growing and a truly organic way of life.