Glow In The Dark Bed

Glow In The Dark Bed
via Etsy

This Glow In The Dark Bed is a World First and is being made for Limited Edition release only for the Halloween holidays. Set to spook children and families around the world with its unique and fun glow in the dark feature. If you’re brave enough to buy this bed, then you will be amongst the first to try this limited edition experience of the Glow In The Dark Bed.

The Glow In The Dark Bed is perfect for kids, as they’ll now want to jump into bed like never before. Illuminating the room for any unwanted monsters. The natural glow will keep them captivated for years.

The bed features the stylish design of the London Bed in solid pine, with a elegant white finish by day, and a clear UV finish for glowing. The bed frame will display a slight green tint from the UV special paint.