Giant Flamingo Pool Float – Party Bird Island

Giant Flamingo Pool Float - Party Bird Island
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What better way to chill this summer by floating on this giant flamingo pool float.

This Giant pink flamingo pool float holds up to six adults at one time. It has cup holders and a built-in cooler. When the float inflates a bench-like platform seat for you to relax and chill. This party bird island is massive in size 10 feet long by 10 feet wide. Perfect to float around on the lake or in a really huge swimming pool.

With the Party Bird Floating Island from Sun Pleasure, no day on the lake is complete without resting by the gentle tail feathers of a towering inflatable peacock. If you fancy yourself as more of a mythical creature kind of gal or guy, there’s a giant inflatable unicorn for that. Be sure to check out the giant inflatable flamingo to complete the trifecta of the Party Bird Floating Island collection.

  • Six-person maximum capacity
  • 1320 lbs. capacity
  • Six cup holders
  • Built-in platform
  • Built-in cooler