G-Hold iPad and Tablets Ergonomic Holder

G-Hold iPad Ergonomic Holder
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G-Hold is an innovative way to hold your tablet or other device. The tablet hand holder G-Hold iPad and Tablets Ergonomic Holder range offers users unprecedented control over their beloved iPads and tablets, making mobile computing truly mobile. Users will find that fumbling with a tablet is a thing of the past and a question is always asked What can you do on a tablet ? Now alot with the G-Hold iPad and Tablets Ergonomic Holder, whether taking photos, watching films in bed, presenting to an audience, emailing on the move, or jumping around on a trampoline (as you do). A micro suction material G-Hold which will stick securely onto any tablet size smooth surface (the backs of tablets, minis, readers, phones and any other device you need to grip), but can be easily removed and then re-used again and again. G-Hold Micro Suction includes a clear compatibility sticker which will adapt any textured surface to take G-Hold.