Floating Waterproof Table Tennis Set

Floating Waterproof Table Tennis Set

The floating waterproof Table Tennis set is the perfect pool game for some Summer Fun. Sunshine is knocking on our doors, bathing suits and sunblock are packed, and with this floating waterproof table tennis set, you’ll stay cool and refreshed while you practice your back hand in the swimming pool. The floating waterproof table tennis board measures 27”w x 54” with a hard surface for perfect solid snapshots and speedy gameplay and soft sides for swimmers beneath the surface. All the accessories float too, so you don’t need to worry about deep sea diving to retrieve your paddles or the balls. If the pool tournament runs over time, or you’re turning into a prune from splashing around in the water too long, you can simply prop the Table Tennis Board on a table and carry on playing! The set comes with colourful oversized paddles, three regulations balls and a net with supporters. Game time!