Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones

Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones
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These Bullet Shaped Whiskey Stones are the perfect accessory for your Man Cave and Bar! The Stainless steel Bullet whiskey cubes go with your chilled spirits without diluting them the way ice usually does. Simply ‘pop’ them in the freezer, and within hours they will be perfectly ice cold to pop into your scotch on the rocks! It takes 3-4 minutes to chill your drink down and you can sip away GodFather style. Fashioned out of 304 stainless steel, it won’t rust or corrode and holds cold temperatures really well. It comes in a black drawstring bag for storage and with a pair of tongs. It makes for an ideal gift and it matches perfectly with the Bullet Shot Glass with Holder, if you’re keen on building a Bullet Bar Collection. There will be a real bang at your next drinks party! Say hello to my little friends…