Bean About – Portable & Foldable Beanbag

Bean About The Foldable Beanbag
via Kickstarter

Bean About is a portable, foldable lightweight solution retaining the iconic cosy comfort of a classic beanbag and designed to be carried anywhere like a backpack. Bean About Portable & Foldable Beanbag is made of waterproof durable woven polyester fabric. Bean About is lighter than normal beanbags as it uses less than 1/2 the number of beans. Ranging from adult to animal themed kids sizes, it has five pockets and is filled with reusable soft polystyrene material. Weighing only 1.250kg for a filled adult sized bag, it measures no more than L73 x D26 x W48 when folded. Bean About can be fully assembled in seconds and supports Australian Wildlife Conservation. An Australian start-up, the initial concept came from founders Vanessa Wright and Andy Audsley, who didn’t enjoy standing about or sitting on the grass at parties. Stop uhhm-ing and ahh-ing, it’s time you got your bean, and beaned about too!