Planetico Pour Over Kettle and Silicone Coaster


You will never buy any other kettle after you have purchased the Planetico Pour Over Kettle and Silicone Coaster. I say this as I sip a hot cup of coffee with it brewing, steaming and looking utterly delicious next to me. The Planetico Pour Over Kettle is made from Premium 304 Stainless steel with a 1.2L water capacity and heat resistant handle. The newly designed matt polished and finished Pot comes with a Goose neck and narrow spout to ensure accurate, smooth and consistent pouring while preventing spillage and accidents. It’s perfectly safe to use on all stovetops from Gas, Infra-red, Induction, Radiant, Halogen, Electric etc and is compatible with popular coffee makers. It comes with a snazzy table Silicon Coaster to pop the kettle on, all that’s left is a plate full of cookies and doughnuts!